Community Photo Gallery

Men Luncheon

SERVPRO had a great time at the Randolph County Chamber Men’s Luncheon today!????

Supporting our Local Fire Department for National Firefighter Appreciation Day! 

May 4th is a day to thank all firefighters for their extraordinary commitment, exceptional courage and for the selflessness that they demonstrate day in, and day out.

International Firefighters Day!

We enjoyed meeting local Firemen and delivering water to them! We are so thankful for everything they do for our community!

Job Fair!

We had a great day participating in the local Job Fair in Sylacauga! It was great to meet so many young adults who are eager to jump into the job force and showcase what we do with so many other local businesses!

Truck & Trailer

We are always fully stocked and loaded for any size disaster. We make sure each vehicle is always loaded with everything that may be needed for the damage it will be going to. We make sure that no matter the size of the disaster that we are prepared and ready to go.

Golf Tournament

This photo is from one of our golf tournaments. We have annual golf tournaments every year to help advertise and market our business. We try to let people know that SERVPRO is the top fire and water restoration company.